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With Homeopathic treatment by Dr. Shrutika Lolayekar, my thoughts and attitude towards my life has changed. Dr. Shrutika not only treats our physical illness but also treats the root cause (mental blocks) of the illness. I was having PCOD due to familial and financial stress. I was reluctant to change my point of view on certain matters but thanks to her medecines and to her treatment which not only changed my point of view and attitude but also gave me confidence to deal with many more complex issues.

Gauri Vaidya

Around 15days ago, I had lost my power to smell; I wasn't getting any smell be it the soap, the hit or the incense stick. However, with Dr. Shrutika Lolayekar's treatment, within four days it began to get restored. I was scared due to this COVID-19 pandemic but thanks to Homeopathic therapy; I followed the dosage and the required therapy, and today I'm all fit and fine.

Padma Vaidya

I had sudden acidity and gas issues because of which I felt pain in my chest and abdomen area, sometimes I even felt like surge of pain for a second. I went to Dr. Shrutika for Homeopathy treatment and within 2 doses I am feeling much better. I think I will be fully fit by the time my doses are completed.


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